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School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences

Loughborough University
2017/18 edition

About School of Social, Political and Geographical Sciences

Our School of Social, Political and Geographical Science encompasses subject areas including: communication, media studies, sociology, social psychology, politics, history, international relations, and geography.

Social Sciences

The Department of Social Sciences has a lively community of postgraduate students, taught by an internationally renowned interdisciplinary team, through the use of contemporary case studies and research-informed applied teaching and learning.

Our programmes provide training in digital culture, media, communications, sociological and anthropological theory, as well as quantitative and qualitative methods.

Our programmes

Politics, History and International Relations

The Department of Politics, History and International Relations (PHIR) conducts research in: contemporary politics and political theory, early modern and modern history, international organisation, and critical security studies. Most of our research falls between the humanities and the political and social sciences, but we also produce a substantial body of interdisciplinary work, notably in the history of ideas, radical movements and activism, in gender politics, international history, and international politics, government and governance, art and politics, religion and politics, media studies and history, and digital humanities.


The Department of Geography is a dynamic and vibrant place to be a postgraduate student and we are proud of our reputation for creating a friendly, supportive working environment. Our human geographers conduct research that informs government policy on student housing, international aid, alcohol policy, and community cohesion. Our physical geographers continue to influence climate adaptation and development planning, the management of rivers, flood risk modelling, and hazard management and mitigation.

Our programmes