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Innovate Tees Valley

Updated: April, 2018

About Innovate Tees Valley

The Innovate Tees Valley and Durham projects are delivered by Teesside University, providing Knowledge Exchange Internships (KEI), often referred to as 'mini KTP's', which are a collaboration between a company that are working with the University to transfer knowledge and expertise from an Academic. The transfer is a three-way project and is done through a bright, enthusiastic graduate who has completed a degree in the appropriate discipline.

They are employed by the company in a fully salaried job, managing a project that is strategic to the company's development and growth by introducing innovation to complete an area of development in a satisfactory timescale. Most KEI graduates are employed in a full time role in the company at various levels and each job has different requirements, 90% of our KEIs have gained permanent employment following the internship.

A KEI offers a perfect opportunity to gain valuable work experience and to build a career in your chosen specialism.

Benefits of a Knowledge Exchange Internship (KEI)

There are lots of opportunities for talented graduates and these provide a great 'first-step' onto the career ladder to learn valuable skills necessary in industry. As technology changes so quickly, graduates with a degree in a STEM subject and an enthusiasm to drive change are in great demand to bring innovation and to 'think outside the box'.

Managing a Project

As a Knowledge Exchange Internship, from the moment you start your job you will be managing a project that is recognised to be of vital importance for the company's development plans - not something that happens in most graduate roles, providing a unique opportunity to bring your skills to the front of innovation. The business that you work for will be a small or medium sized company (SME) and therefore, can provide a very wide range of opportunities and most KEI's remain with their host company in a permanent job at the end of their projects.

Links with a University

A close relationship with the academic partner is a great benefit to both the company and the project. Their support is paramount to a successful plan as they encourage the company to incorporate a different way of thinking when structuring a proposal and support you to seamlessly deliver a successful outcome. The opportunity to contribute to possible research papers and assist with developing case studies is not normally offered in a graduate role, and you will be encouraged to attend conferences and events as part of the job.

Funding for Training

As part of the project we include a budget for training and development and all interns are encouraged to take advantage of gaining additional skills and knowledge to help deliver a successful project without the constraints of practical and theoretical understanding. A further £1,000 is available for necessary equipment or consumables. This spend will be agreed between you and your company and academic supervisors at your quarterly project meetings.

Work sectors

The smart specialism themes are: advanced manufacturing; health and social care; logistics and digital. Other sectors could include IT and information, engineering and manufacturing and energy and utilities.

Please see examples of

Work sectors

environment and conservation, IT and information services, transport and logistics, engineering and manufacturing, social care


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