Case study

PPC team leader — Beth Williams

Realising that a scientific career and the corporate world wasn't for her Beth came across PPC, a perfect fit for the analytical skills developed during her degree

Why did you choose to work in PPC?

During my final year at the I realised that a scientific career wasn't for me. I didn't have the patience to wait for the results of my experiments. I started researching different industries, which led me down the path of banking and insurance. After some awkward assessment centre experiences I soon realised that the corporate life wasn't for me either.

Once I graduated I came across the hidden world of PPC, which seemed a perfect fit for my analytical skills, but also incorporated client-facing and team management opportunities. The company culture at looked supportive and fun so I applied and got the job.

What does a typical day involve?

One day I'll be out at a client meeting, the next I could be leading internal training for new graduates or launching an exciting campaign for a client.

We also do a lot of analytical work and the job is very numbers based. This could involve finding trends in client data or looking at ways to make our clients' advertising spend more efficient.

How has your degree helped you?

I use the analytical skills I learned at university every day, for example, when putting together a report for a client or building a tool in Excel to increase the efficiency of the work that we do.

I also did some coding as part of my degree and I've had the chance to improve my skills in this area as part of my job.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The variation keeps it interesting. The industry is always changing, so part of your job is to keep up.

The team at Periscopix is also one of the main reasons I love my job. It's a very sociable company so there's always something going on (ski trips, pub quizzes, dodgeball).

What are the challenges?

This was my first job out of university, so the simple things like writing emails to clients were quite challenging at the beginning. You'll be managing multiple accounts at once, so you'll need to be good at managing your own time and prioritising tasks.

How has your role progressed?

I started out as a PPC account manager. Two years later I'm a team leader, which means I manage my own team of account managers and get to pass on my experience. I'm also involved in the hiring process at Periscopix, which is a responsibility you don't always have so early with other companies.

What tips would you give for aspiring PPC specialists?

Do a lot of research into the industry. You want to make sure that this job is for you before applying. There are tons of great resources on the internet. Also take your Google AdWords exams (they’re free).

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