Case study

PPC manager — Liam

A year after graduating with a music degree, Liam now puts his creative and analytical skills to the test on a daily basis as a PPC manager

How did you get your job?

I developed a keen interest in digital marketing and thought it might be a path I wanted to pursue. I proactively approached during my second year at university. I sent them a video highlighting my digital skills and secured an internship with them.

What's a typical working day like?

There's lots of data analysis but there's also a heavy creative aspect to my work. One morning I'll be analysing performance from a high-budget Google advertising campaign, the next I could be building audience profiles for a new Facebook product launch.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I enjoy the challenge - it's numbers based but also very creative. You have to be very good at understanding the motivations of users online. If you begin to see your job like a game, which I do, you find it a real challenge rather than a chore.

What are the challenges?

Balancing the creativity and scientific focus presents a challenge. Reacting quickly to changes in data and keeping up with industry knowledge are also crucial.

How is your degree relevant to the role?

You don't need to have a specific degree to work in a PPC role. My music degree from the has helped me as it was very pattern based. You do a lot of analysis so you get used to spotting trends and patterns that are not quickly apparent. This has been directly transferable.

How has your role developed?

When I joined Impression I was one of two employees, now there are over 25 and we keep growing.

I spend time teaching members of the team to become better at marketing and inspiring them to reach their goals.

My ambition is to continue to innovate and educate the industry.

What tips would you give to aspiring PPC specialists?

The industry keeps growing and growing, so if you're keen you'll find opportunities. If you can't get a job right away, begin by doing some Facebook/Google advertising for small, local businesses to get some experience.

Work experience was crucial for me so explore how you can get some under your belt. Both Facebook and Google have excellent learning resources if you want to get up to speed before applying for jobs.

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