Case study

CRCC Asia Intern — Elizabeth Truong

Elizabeth spent a month in Shenzhen on the CRCC Asia Internship Programme working for a company in the emerging green technology sector

What did you think of your host company?

They were very welcoming and friendly. I settled in right away and felt valued as a team member from the beginning. From day one everyone was very approachable and my role as an intern was never looked down upon. They treated me as an equal.

What is your favourite memory of your time in China?

Probably making friends from different parts of the world and exploring a new country with them. The people that I was with, including fellow interns, made the transition to working in new country much easier as it was a shared experience between us all.

China is completely different from the UK and I remember constantly contrasting my home with my host.

What skills did you learn?

I use Mandarin language skills to communicate with family more now than before.

I also believe my ability to network and my general communication skills also vastly improved because of the placement. I now feel less tentative or shy when approaching people.

My experience in China has given me more confidence to do new things. The placement pushed me out of my comfort zone but it was the best decision. I've really progressed on a personal level.

How has your experience helped with job applications and interviews?

I believe that I stand out as a candidate thanks to my experience in China. I have recently been conditionally offered a graduate job and I feel that this offer was influenced by my time on the CRCC Asia Internship Programme.

I was able to support answers about being independent, confident and adaptable because of my time in Shenzhen. A placement abroad throws you in at the deep end, which employers really favour.

Thanks to my time interning in China I can now demonstrate to potential employers my capacity for personal growth and learning new skills. I am not the person I was a year ago.

What are doing now?

I've now finished university and provided that I achieve my target grade upon graduation I will be training as a project manager for a global IT services company.

How has your experience affected your career outlook?

It would be very different if I hadn't gone to China. I think the experience really helped me to find the confidence that I needed to do the things that I've always wanted to do. I did things during my internship that I would never do at home and as a result of my experience I am now more willing to try something new.

I have discovered that I shouldn't limit myself and I am now more open to opportunities that arise.

Before my trip I was nervous about meeting new people but it has showed me that whatever environment I'm in I'll be fine. After meeting so many new people in China I now realise that I can settle into new workplaces with ease.

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